Pune o fapta buna la temelia Clinicii Nera

vineri, 17 aprilie 2009

Dumnezeu nu apare la stiri


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  1. I received this comment on my e-mail address and i would like to answer it. 'If God Does Not Appear on the News, then how, through your Blog? Can you Add your thoughts and think "How can i change the world?" You have the power of speech and the grace of God behind you.'

  2. God does not have to appear on the News, he is already in our heart, in our thoughts and we have the power of telling the world about His greatness. How can we change the world? We set and follow great purposes! I want as well as I know you want to create a better world for everybody, for us, to give the world the hope, the light, the love and faith, to help eachother that way that life will make sens. Mother Theresa said that: We cannot do only magnificent things. We can do only small things with enormous love. Put your faith in small things, because there dwells your power.
    If our purpose is to do good and bless as much people as we can with our love, then we can see God in all His creations, we can see happines surrounding us, then we can feel His presence in our life and the lifes we touch. He doesn't have to appear on money or on the news to feel Him.


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